Monday, August 11, 2008

. : moVie of The mOnth : .


me n my fwendzz had choose the 08.08.08 to go watch a horror movie lover me n ana for sure..then we oso manage to seduce 3 more gurls (ani, shu n sari) for tis movie...
bout the movie...
personally i really like the which make the audience think n focus till end..even me n ani keep on discussing bout wat had happen..coz it's kinda confuse..but we finally solve wat wandering in our mind..lit review from me...

"tis is a story bout a young trainee nurse Soraya (diana rafar) who really want to be a singer. while pursuing for her goal she met wif Rozana (aleeza kassim) n mona (sofea jane) the top singer at tat time..being fwends wif the top singer, soraya being introduce to the use of susuk as rozana pharse "susuk lah yang membezakan artis dengan orang biasa" huhuhu sound like to be an artis they need to wear susuk it tru?? ok enuf question..back to the movie...

at first soraya just use the normal susuk which rozana intro her, but still she can't the singer as she really wanted to..then she accidently (go n watch the movie if u really wan to know how they met) met wif dukun dewangga (adlin) who the one told her bout royal susuk (susuk keramat)..susuk keramat is the most powerfull susuk..soraya decided to wear the she need to obey all the pantang larang n one by one of her family oso will die n she will left alone.. =(

who is ida nerina then?? huhuhu for soraya to wear the susuk keramat, the dukun dewangga need to find a victim whose face will be slice out n put onto soraya face..ida nerina is the final result of the susuk keramat, a face of a pelacur (ida nerina), wen the ritual ends, soraya face had change to ida's face n soraya oso had change her name as Suzana, one of the pantang tat she need to follow is she can't melintas air di siang hari, but she disobey the pantang..coz she went to pay a visit for his sister n nephew funeral, to go to the kg, she need to cross a, to mantain the susuk power (after langgar pantang) she need to eat human flesh and jantung, coz she will becoming older if she not to..the dukun had prepare her last victim, so she no need to eat human flesh any more..the victim is her own best friend Mastura (nor khiriah) then the end... " nih review yg me dh simplify kn..if u guys go n watch the movie after reading tis biler kuar..x la puzzle like me biler kuar's worth it to watch tis movie...nak tau lebih lanjut, pergi lh tgok sendiri..x lah seram sgt pun akceli citer jln citer mmg menarik..
geng susuk =D


  1. Wah! ade geng susuk... ahli yg tudung kaler pepel tu la paling lawa.. hahahaa

  2. ana---> eh ke yg kt tgh2 tu.. gaya maintan comey... haha

    nway cite ni bg aku mmg best.. sbaik g tgk gak.. thanks korang memaksa-rela aku tgk.. hehehe

  3. ana --> geng susuk @ geng MIA =D
    aniey -->yo lh sume comey...

    betul mmg x rugi seduce si aniey nih g tgok ooo..poning pale pk kn aniey..huhuhu