Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wedding preps 2#:
pre-wedding photoshoot
(save cost)

Another entry for wedding preparation..
(hope korang tak bosan lah yer -_-‘)

Todate..tinggal 16 days jer lagi before the big event..
o.O dah start rase cuak lah jugak sebenarnyer..
a lot of things had settled..but still a lot pending to be done.. -_-‘ ade jer bende tambahan nak buat.

Biar lantak lah pending task tu…
Tapi yang pasti nyer jugak..a lot of cash out flow T_T wuuu..i’m trying my level best to minimize the cost.
Out of many things yang berjaya di kurangkan, is the cost for pre-wedding photoshoot.
*eleh kalo nak kurang cost sangat, x yah la buat =P*

Yer lah..yer lah..mengaku...bende nih tak perlu pun sebenarnye...

Tapi since kami memang tak banyak gambar together-gather..mE decided to go for a photoshoot.
not really consider as pre-wedding pun since kami tak fikir ape2 concept pun..
Luckly, I found a deal dekat groupon. ^_^
Imagine, normally pre-wedding photoshoot gonna cost you around Rm400 – RM800 (maybe even more)
But the deal will only cost us RM 148, inclusive of;
·         2 hours studio photoshoot
·         22 pages 5R photobook
·         4pcs 4R prints

Malas nak cite dengan lebih details…let’s just see some of the picas ^_^

Suke concept spontan full of teddy nih..comel.. ^_^
=p *puke*

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