Thursday, April 05, 2012

the funky roller blind.. -_-'

Boring aihh asyik update pasal wedding preparation jer..
Meh nak cite pasal rumah pulak.. (tipuuu...this oso part of wedding prep jugak sebenarnyer)

The house is my parents house for after their retiment. So once renovation complete, kene lah decide untuk interior.
Waaaa..seriously it’s not easy at all. New experience for me which gonna help mE nanti dah ade rumah sendiri, dah tau lah ape nak buat basically. =)
For mE better if u could tempah langsir dulu. Sebab at least menutup ruang dalam rumah dari pandang orang luar. Imagine kalo langsir x der, nak tidur bergelimpangan dekat hall pun susah.

So here we go for curtain hunting.
This part my mum memang bagi kepercayaan penuh. From the color to the design. All is up to me. O.o susah wooo.

 1st thing 1st
I measure and draw all the windows available in the house.

Then mari kite serbu kedai langsir.
Told the tokey, this is the window size, I want material which will cost RM $$$ per window. Which include; sheer curtain, railing and also the kayu.
So the tokey select a few sample of material according to the budget. Bab pilih kain nih memang mencabar..pening weh tengok kain o.O
Selalu nyer I just trust my instinct and love at the first sight. J

imagine if you need to go through the whole samples
berpusing mate woooo....@_@

Out of many samples, I’ve short listed a few sample. The final decision will still i let my parents decide. kire they just pilih the best out of yang best..hehehe..

After decided on material, next is the final pricing. Grand total adalah sedikit naik from the budget. Aigooo… -_-‘ since exceed the budget, I request tokey to giveaway free roller blind for the kitchen. Hehehe..dan sematinye tokey berlembut hati untuk memberi roller blind secara free setelah di pujuk. i'm good at this bargain part..yeay…!!

This is the best part.
Mase nak pilih roller blind, I bbm the picture to en.pencuri hati, asking for his opinion. Coz I stuck with 2 options.

Guess what he sed..when i send the option one picture. asking for his opinion.

En.pencuri hati:don’t you think it’s a bit fancy to be put in the kitchen
mE:fancy..?? what do man by fancy
en.pencuri hati:yer lah ade gambar orang kat dapur buat ape
mE:X_X adoii..tu gambar dalam catalog la..roller blind yang black & white plant with dragonfly tu jer..
en.pencuri hati: “owhh..i see...hehehe..roller blind tu ape pun actually I x tau...huhuhu

seriyesli mase nih dah rase nak gelak guling2 kat kedai =))
you really make my day dear… at least I know wat to expect when we need to complete our own house. ^__^ . we agreed on the option one. harap pn.emak berpuas hati dengan pilihan anak dan bakal menantu ini yer.

final outcome..?? tunggu lah nanti bile dah siap pasang yer..mE actually terlupe pulak nak snap gambar masa pilih kain haritu..serabutness tengok kain langsir banyak-banyak. that why kene tunggu jugak dah siap pasang nanti. hope it do turn out really great. ^_^


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