Tuesday, April 03, 2012

wedding preps 1#:
invitation cards..

almost a month away from the date which i'll officially become mrs. Saiful. yeay..!!! can't wait any longer ;)

well..i haven't write much bout my wedding preparation don't i..?
bukan lah nak keep surprise sangat pun...tapi like, seriously, i've no time to blog like previous.. -_-'
dengan baru tukar kerja nye..which my office memang restrict kan internet connection..plus wif all the travelling to and fro yang really tiring >.<'
added up the wedding preparation..nak cari itu ini..waaa rase nak belah badan jadi 10 woooo...
but Alhamdulillah everything goes as what we planned.*early preparation do help a lot*
not that everything goes perfect..but at least i'm satisfy... ^___^

well..this gonna be my 1st write up on preparation for the upcoming wedding..

as same as other bride 2to be. during this period of time, it's gonna be the time where we should distribute the invitation cards. so let me share with you how we had choose the card.

mE: i'm a type yang suke fancy thing. cartoons, flowers all all those cute-cute thingy *read as childish*
him: proper type of person. something elegance, nice and more appropriate *read as proper* =P

see how different we are =D

at first my idea was to get a card yang sekeping, with an envelope. not that I’m on a budget mode or whatsoever....tapi when thinking back that the card gonna be thrown away kindda sad actually :|. so i browse tru the internet for some sample. here some sample which i  had come across. simple and sweet rite. but one thing, i want to hold the card secara live, x nak lah base on picture jer. how bout the paper quality..??

1.by www.weddingcard.my this website do offer simple and elegant design as below pictures
simple and elegant

simple and cute

2. by www.kad-kadkahwin.com. this website also offer various kind of design. lots of categories to be choose, up to your preference.
cute but surely this one a BIG NO-NO

as for my en.pencuri hati he suggest we go to the vendor which his sister used last 4 years. off we go then. it's KandaDinda in bandar puteri Puchong. we browse tru the cards collection there...and there is a card really catch my interest and him too. it's a combination of both taste. it's simple and it's elegance..YEAY..!!!

sneek peek.. ~_^

after yadda..yadda of discussion. we bought the sample card to show it to the families first. asked for their opinion.*yup we can buy the sample card sumtime*

beside this vendor, we did survey another 2 vendor around shah alam. owh before that we did went to pameran pengantin at Shah Alam Convention Center. there's a few design which catch my interest. but none catch both of our interest as the one in KandaDinda did.

it took us a month time to finally agree on the card. actually thing can be done in just 2 weeks, but since we both are soooo the buzy bee.. biasa lah year end, banyak wedding to be attended plus with family event lagi all that..finally we place the booking with still 10% of uncertainty with the majlis bertandang venue. 

so a few email hav to be sent out just to confirm on the artwork. this is the most important part in booking the invitation cards, we need to confirm all the particular, addresses, names, colours, maps all this can be wrong or miss spelled. please put on your magnifying glass while doing it =D

few snap-shoot of the artwok

well..next post gonna be the final out come of the cards.. ^_^

note: kindly please drop u'r address in the comment box keyh..it gonna reach u'r mailbox soon. =)



  1. wah... dah tak lama tu.. nanti pos ke jb ye.. heheheh...

    1. akan di pos..dah ready jer kat ko nih ayip..tak lama lagi sampai lah ke rumah ko ^_^ ajak mak ko sekali tau..

    2. hehehhe... tq2... alamat ade tak? aku dah kat JB skrg.. insyaAllah kalau takde aral aku sampai dgn mak aku.