Tuesday, November 02, 2010

pamper your body... ^_^

lame x update kan..so sorry guys..
nothing much to write lately..did rambling bout sumting, but then the idea stuck sumwhere in the twilight zone..huuu~~ but already save it in draf biler idea tu datang balik nanti i sambung ok.. ^_-

but now wanna share wif u guy my first experience spa'ing'


selalu bising, wiken tak tau nak buat ape..
kawan-kawan sume bizi...sigh~~
dari awal bulan browsing the net searching for ideas..SPA!! macam menarik kan..
plus my friend also said there is one spa around sri kembangan ade promotion...huuuu~~ pucuk di cita ulam mendatang yeay!!!!

this is it..

D' Aura SPA & Wellness Centre @ south city plaza

first of all i browse dalam internet wat kind of promotion they are offering..tgok website huuurmmm menarik and the price oso menarik. tapi sebenarnye sebelum masuk website nih, one of my friend ade bagitau that she recieve a sms from this spa for october promotion. so ape lagi tanye en.gugel lah kan survey the price and so on~~

before the session begins...let penuhkan perut dulu plweeeeezz~~
since a week before i've been craving for nasi lemak. sebenarnye rindu nasi lemak kak asi. but since i've to pick up my darling eira, so sum other time lah i buy nasi lemak kak asi..maka harus berpuas hati dengan nasi lemak old town, btw sambal sotong die sedap...

yup fud is a must in my life..zaman kegelapan telah berakhir...aku telah nampak cahaya dari terowong gelap..
(ape ko merepek nih aino!!)

tengah best layan nasi lemak..the spa called remind bout my appointment..i was a bit blur while answering the call till i watch the time...owh it already 10am hehehe soowiii...

first of all need to do all the registration the what package we want. we took the Detox Therapy which consist of ;
  • 1 hour Aura body massage
  • 45minutes body scrub
  • 45minutes normal facial
  • sauna
  • jacuzzi

nampak kan contact number tu...feel free to contact ^_^ or click here

all the picca above was taken at the receptionist..don't ask me wat they are maybe those are the hers which they used for the therapy.. 

before we start the massage session we were asked to enjoy the jacuzzi and sauna. well no picca for those session ok..hahaha only will give u guys the facilities piccas kang ader buat modal gamba2 kami..oh tidak..x rela mak, nyah..hahahah

here are some of their facilities..

the locker room

therapy room for massage and all that..

the jacuzzi..syok ooo (sowi gamba a bit spooky malas nk tuko setting cam)

us in the kimono..thanks God the pic was shaking ^_^

after abis all the therapy session time for chamwhoring yeay yeay~~

more facilities available at the spa 

facial treatment room

hair salon 

bullseye section and cafe

our snack for the day..toast and teh tarik

us at the cafe ^_^ wasn't we look different 

hall of fame

your's truly ready to get back after almost 4 hours session at d' Aura Spa

really enjoy the day to the fullest...part kene massage was funny one dah la belagak the therapist tanye sakit x? cakap ok jer...haaa the next day monday badan sakit-sakit hahaha tapi memang best rase lega sangat
advise kalo nak amik macam bridal package better ambil 3 days before your wedding coz urutan take time untuk feel the effect, like for me the next day i could feel the sore all over the body or maybe coz i'm to skinny  tat why la terasa sangat entah la...hahaha yang penting i enjoy! rase relieve sangat badan...sampai malam asyik sendawa jer... ^_^

voice massage: sumtime please manjakan diri ok!! it's worth after u've used your badan all this while..


  1. Wah! Menariks.. menariks.. memang tengah plan nak carik tempat nak men'spa'kan diri...thanks!!

  2. menarik sekali sekala pampering diri sendiri kan..harga untuk promo berbaloi..kalo normal price memang pricy la.. -_-'

  3. Aino, the best weekend. enjoy spa-ing with u. next plan IBM dinner.. :)

  4. @eira..yeah..let's plan for the dinner pulak after tis..gonna look hawt n gorgeous till all the jaw drop.. =D