Friday, October 22, 2010

beautiful award ^_^

wah dapat award..mase blog link yang lame jugak pernah dapat award...mane ntah award tu i simpan Wǒ bù zhīdào =D..

this time i got this an award of a beautiful blogger..wahahahaha~~
i'm beautiful not beautifool ok =P thanks to my dearie b2b mMoliyana (as wat datin wani called her) ^_^

here the rules and regulation of Penerima Award..

1.Thanks the person who give you this award
cik.mMoliyana a beautiful b2b that person at your blogroll
oryte done ^_^
3.Spread to 15 blogger which you think awesome
tis is a tough one...i don't know is there still got someone reading my blog coz i keep changing my blog link..huu~~
let me name a few..sorry if i can't reach that 15 u've asked..

  1. my bestie back in unimas. whome i always consult for latest in look..she got curve and she got confident i loike!! she's cik.niniey
      1. the hotest chick in town ^_^ she's so e!ra. read her blog u'll find out how hot she is ^_^
          1. pn.wiedura a friend back to my childhood time. a mother of a cute geram-mau-geget-pipi baby safi
              1. the coolest bride i've ever seen...always chill and never bother on what ppl gonna say bout her as long as she get her dream wedding..mrs.Fairuz congratz on your wedding!!
                  1. another bride-to-be soon...she got the natural beauty of malay the way you look natural beauty.

                    4.tell 7 things about yourself

                    • the only daughter in family which make me spoiled i care ^_^
                    • can't wear un-iron clothes even it is just a pajama..everything need to be iron as long as it can be iron 
                    • enjoying her singlehood at the moment..flirting is my 2nd degree now i must enroll a master for it.
                    • love to eat and fud tasting..rice gonna be her second choice except for nasi lemak, ketupat or now nasi timbel kot..
                    • hardly gain weight..high metabolism i'm glad tat i have it...never feel guilty of eating to much
                    • could craving for choc for every single day...owh i wish i have a chocolate factory
                    • last but not least...i dream a wedding which only invites 300 invitations..hahahaha

                    well thats it...finally i complete this award..thanks again for my dearie mMoliyana...

                    voice massage: single ready to mingle..don't get tangle ^_^


                    1. Thank you a million... Gedik pulak aku rase terima award ko nie...nak mak bagi ucapan award winning ker?

                    2. hehehe gi wat ucapan award winning kat blog ko ler..hahaha ^_^