Monday, November 08, 2010

a day wif schoolmate ^_^ miss the gud old days~~

first of all thanks so much to my bestie mommy udect and hubby for inviting mE to your house warming.
fun catching up wif all the schoolmates and few of your besties..

mE doakan mommy udect and hubby gonna be happy always..x sabar nk tunggu mummy punye little one kuar menjenguk doooonia..sure gonna be havoc it gonna be boy or girl, who he or she resemble the most...hahaha siap lah itu little one akan di ajar bende2 merepek oleh hot mommies...kalo the little one is a boy walla banyak nye godmother die dah la hot2 belake kan =P

here some picca which i capture at the house..tapi macam lupe nak amik gambo interior design sebab berjumpe kawan2 dan bergossip adalah lebih seronok compare dengan nak tengok rumah..but i tell u the design is beautiful and it's modern concept.. ^_^

the wedding album..i loike the carpet color..lots variant of pink.

cik.dido dengan anak dania pipimu bagai minta di geget!

us..from left rMc, dido, u'rs truly, mimi, mommy udect..why must we mencangkung?

from left: mommy udect, dido, azwa, u'r truly + dania, ajeq, mimi, rMc

from left: azwa, ajeq, mommy udect wif perut, u'rs truly, dido, rMc

from left: azwa, ajeq, mommy udect wif perut, u'rs truly, dido, rMc
perut sape booooncit?

from left: rMc, dido, u'rs truly, mimi, mommy udect-perut-booncit

u'r truly wif dania humaira pandai budak nih..bile amik gambo diam jer x gerak2

but i did snap a few thing tat catch my interest..

barisan tentera from Malta

places that mommy udect n hubby have been to. they did travel a lot.

mommy udect n daddy azman wishing u being bless wif happiness
semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat..insyaAllah

balik rumah dengan perut yang sungguh-sungguh kenyang...alhamdulillah thank you Allah for the food (rezeki) that we have share together..

voice massage: kawan-kawan ku sorang demi sorang dah kendong anak..when gonna be my turn? tak kan nak kendong brown sampai sudah..hahaha

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