Thursday, July 15, 2010

the only daughter..

hurmm sure ramai yang dah tau i'm the only daughter in the family..
eventho bukan anak yang last = bongsu = spoiled (saje jer nk kutuk anak bongsu kan)
i was onec being the only daughter = bongsu for 8 years tapi mase tu abang aku juge the only son so no point granted..

sebenarnye tetibe terfikir pasal family planning...yer lah yang planning nih parents lah kan..
'i want 3 years gap between my child' or 'i want 5 years gap, so the elder already know how to take care of the youngster' since almost all of my friends are now married so it make me wonder what the best way to plan for your family enlargement..hehehe

ader yang prefer quantity coz anak itu rezeki..
ader yang prefer quality coz world nowadays is just too damn competitive and costly..
so which one do u prefer?

in my case..i don't think my parents was planning to have a 8 years gap between me and my younger brother..
belum rezeki nak tambah lagi, by tat time tu yang gap sampai 8 tahun..
hasil nye, tis the-only-daughter really hate the younger brother back then..hahahaha
for me he was so he snatch away the limelight from me..huuu~~ luckily till today i'm still the only daughther in the family yeay!!! (gain back the limelight ^_^)

hurmm..wat can i see from my parents family planing is, when the 2 elders grown up, they will take care of the youngsters...heheheh is tru? do i take care of my younger brothers? or should i ask do my brother take care of his younger brother?hehehe maybe not yet really take care..but i do take care of them..being kakak yang garang ker? hehehe but tis the-only-daughter selalu membuat kejelesan pade the-youngest-brother hahahaha padan muke ko...there's an incident wen i want to be back to putrajaya my mum did ask me to eat b4 start the journey..since i'm so called a gud driver, normally i won't take heavy meal if i'm planning to drive it will make me sleepy as nasi is my own personal drugs ^_^ my mum packed me nasi and lauk in container which have sectioned for fud (tgok gambar lh) ..

~sectioned fud container~

then my the-youngest-brother, "eh mak untuk saper bekal nih, buat ayip lapar jer tengok...naper mak x penah buat untuk ayip  macam ni?" waka..waka..waka adek ku jeles..we always like fighting for the limelight in the family but it's not for me to fight for it coz i'm born wif it...hahahaha
i replied back to my the-youngest-brother "tu lah ko, sile jangan jeles kat akak ko nih..huhuhu, mak buat kan jugak kat anak bongsu mak nih kang merajuk susah nak pujuk.. =P"

actually seeing the way my parents treated me, the only thing i could say is i'm still their little daughter huuu~~ for them i was incapable of doing things like drive from Kluang to KL or the other way around alone, till they day i proved it tat i could do it..i'm their girl that can't survive if being left alone in the house like i couldn't cook for my self huhuhu (like to pretend tat i can't so they'll prepare the meal ahead) all this attention sumtime do spoiled me.. tis oso make them think tat i'm not ready to handle a family on my own huuu~~ huuurmm i think tis is happening to all family i guess..

well..happy planning then to those yg tengah nak family enlargement..wat ever it is put all your love through out the process then u won't regret it..insyaAllah...

voice massage: my dad is on-the-way to send sum rambutans hooyeayy!!! sedap..sedap..

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