Thursday, July 03, 2008

. : tOday iS tHursdaY : .

wat a title..huhu it's already 1.28a.m wat m i doing??not sleeping x ngantuk how i want to sleep??it already a week i have my little brown, cute..adoreable and very notty..

i just groom him wif a toothbrush..x der duit lg nk beli sikat dier..mahal la pulak..nnt lh me item for grooming comb n a new litter box..ri tu me browse dlm forum they got an electronic litter box for the more bau 'poopoo' and sand berterabur in my where to buy..looks like it from oversea =(..kalo sape2 der jupe let me know..sggup beli even mahal..anything for my little brown..hmm nk tau y me sggup groom dier pepagi bute nih..1) sbb me sendiri mmg x de keje 2) konon2 x nk dier kumpul hairball lam perut dier huhuhu..x tau ape hairball..hairball tu bulu kucing yg dier jilat akan masuk lam peyot dier, tp x kn digest so akan kekal lam peyot nk kuar kn bagi lh kucing tu muntah dgn makan rumput kucing tu..sbb tu sumtime kucing mkn rumput..informative sgguh..tis i got through reading the forum... =D

now..wanna share how nooty tis little brown..last saturday..bwk him to the vet for vacine, as usual..after vacine..the cat will have a little fever doc kate in 2 days dtg balik for fungus dtg balik but he still demam..but yg peliknyer..every time i told him nk g vet sure terus monoy..balik dari vet segar bugar..jumping around x hingat donia..waa taktik smart..mcm tuan dier jugak.. =D ^_^..

ermm..enuf for today bout little brown..i'll update later ok..he already wanna go to sleep n start to kaco me typing...notty boy..

ok till then..xoxo lurve u brown...beso lh cepat leh carik aweks cun..

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