Sunday, June 29, 2008

. :cuTe n aDorAbLe bRown: .

mY LiTtlE bRoWn
tis is my kitty..isn't he cute..he actually very damn cute lohh..muaahhxx..just bought him last wednesday (25th June 2008)..then after few suggested name..finally i decided to name him Brown..he's a mix persian n maien not so 'penyek' la his face.. =D
hopefully he'll grew well wif me..he just had his first vacine injection today he's having a slight fever..might take about 2 days tp fully, he just sleep..sleep n pong jd busan x leh mein wif him..n just now me clean his ears n few fungus spot on his body..a week after vacine only then me could bath be patient ok brown..huhuhu
hmm..tat'a all for today..after tis me con't reading the forum bout hoe to take care of u'r cat..very informative forum..bnyk yg me x tau pasal cat..need lot's of reading..


  1. brown yg juling.. hahaha.. cumei cumei.....

  2. mate juling tu kot makes him cute..n look very notty..huhu

  3. kucing kecik2 mmg mate juling.. dh beso ok jek nnti.. hahaha