Thursday, July 24, 2008

. : 1sT anNiVeRsaRy : .

sAtyaMite mcm termiTe..

luv to say tis phrase huuhuhu..but it kinda suits us coz since the day i joined satyam which is a year ago 23rd July 2007 we all really like termite always doing things together..go to makan2 session almost the whole batch will serbu the tempat makan together..still remember the day we have lunch at McD..huhuhu org McD pun pelik tetibe kene serang ramai2 hahaha..then bout renting house..almost all the satyamite renting in equine park..and b'coz of tat the renting price range start to increase oso we can't fine a house which have the rental same as a year back huhuhu kalo yg depan area JJ tu sure 6oo punye 5oo x leh dpt dh huuuu D=

back to last year oso..i met wif a very tragic, traumatic n unforgetable exprience..met wif a terribble + horrible accident..woooo i can't forget tat..never forget tat..3 of my friend badly of them were in ICU for almost 3's reaally frightening experience..alhamdulillah (thanks to God) now the three of them back to satyam again..=D

then..the puasa n raya came oso the deepavali..we the satyamite have a trip of open house to was enjoyable..huhuhu serang umah JayZ, KugA, Reen n oso my Aunty..huhuhu tiring but yenJoy..huhuhu hmm but i think tis is the starting point we getting apart..all of us being separated into different some being so buzy wif their training for those CES n DBA..for the BIKDs which i'm in..still yenjoying life coz by end of puasa we already finish our 2nd phase training woowweee

since we've fininsh our training (biKD)plus nothing to we started to share n spread the enjoyment outside satyam..hahah wen for movie while working hour..wen for jalan2 around KL (sibuk carik dress for dinner) hahaha, go to shah alam (tis one paling juh) huhuhu wat else?? yup..we started to masuk lambat around 11 a.m or masuk after lunch (afternoon syif) hahaha..we oso balik awal @ 3p.m or maybe don't ever try to find me after lunch...hahaha sronok..sronok..nih kalo keje tmpt lein mmg dpt warning letter dh nih..hahaha one more thing..we oso watch movie in the office..for those u guys remember the day we have movie in the training lab??hahaha cool huh..sape lh trainer yg sgguh sporting tu?? (name perlu di rahsiakan) year experience in satyam..a lot rite..wen i told my friend (who is not satyamite) they all said want to join satyam oso wat keje kat satyam..but...sumtime i do ask myself..till wen do we have to be idle like tis (on bench) it's really frustrating tho..sumone do ask me..mase tu tgh layan muvie kat my place.."nik keje ape mcm nih..cube pk duit yg dapat tu nnt halal ke x..dh kawen blum? kalo dh kawen..dgn wat mcm nih..pas tu duit tu bg anak2 mkn..berkat ker?" perrrgh ayat makan dalam tu..aku hangin betul aku tau ape aku wat tu salah..bukan nk menang or wat so dh mmg x de keje..nk wat ape pong x tau..mase tu POC pun x nk wat aper..kang aku tdo jer kat surau dari pg sampai ptg baru tau...hahaha kire beik aku still nk dtg..kalo aku ilang terus..g buat part-time mane2 ker lagi dasyat kn....huhuhu

tat all lh sikit2 my working life xtvt in satyam..huhuhu

for BIKDs..we still yenjoy rite..bile ade keje kite wat betul2..bile x der..kite buat betul2 yg kite x de keje..hahaha till then..xoxo


  1. huhuuhuh.... aku bosan!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aku lg bosannnnn!! arini haku 'cuti' (lagi) hahahaha

  3. huhuhu..busan ker?? busan jugak..waaaaaa

  4. ani bukan selalu 'cuti' ke.. kate shift kannn.. hohoho

  5. ana ---> ahaha.. cis ko ana! arini aku x 'cuti' tau.. aku shift ptg je.. hakhakk~

  6. bukan skang kite dh keje shift ker?? ko x ker Ana??huhuhuhu