Thursday, June 19, 2008

. : my dArLinG huNnyVie : .

tis is my darling..lurve her so the mucchhy..xoxo =D almost 8 moths i've been driving her to where eva i went..tenkiu darl..but..recently the fuel price have increase waaaaaa damn 40.6% of increase it's so damn high dude..b4 tis maximum i had fill up my darl was it can be rm80 to rm90 wow!! huhuhu~~~ tat mean need to kurang kn xtvt merayap..huhuhu =( ~~ tat so not gud to my life..coz less enjoyment will increase the stress level hahaha~!!

ere sum more picts of my darL.. =) u know i lurve u rite dear,even tho i'm getting lazier to wash n waxing u..huhuhu so sowiiee..the wether not so gud tis lately...excuses.. =D

~~huNnyVie :)~~

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