Sunday, March 16, 2014

#2 Podgy and The Banker

Second eat-out voucher review..weee...
Hurmmm macam sebulan sempat gune satu jer..we really enjoy exploring food. Each time en.suami wanna opened an envelope, both of us akan sexcited where this envelope will we bring us...hence en.suami never dare to open 2 envelope in one day... =D

This time lets go to Sri Hartamas.

Podgy and The Banker

 Poached egg on toast - RM10.00
One of their best seller for breakfast..Hurmm speaking of poached egg, both of us still trying to cook the perfect poached egg..susah giler..pffttt...

French toast with nuttella -RM10.00
Their french toast do have taste of cinnamon..hurmm kinda weird for the first bite..but since its not so strong i still can accept it.

Sad machiato... =( RM 7.00
Why so sad...since en.suami a bit 'weng' tis morning so he ordered tis to boost up

 Hot Chocolate - RM 9.00
For mE..the perfect <3
Since we love poached saye bagi 3.5 start out of 5..
Shud hav tried their fatbaby ice cream..but it just too early for ice cream..

last but not lease..
will i come again to this cafe..??
hurmmm...since it quite far to reach...just stick to those cafe which more reachable.


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