Saturday, March 15, 2014

#1 - Mukha cafe TTDI

Here the update on Mukha café...
As what i write on previous entry...the 1st envelope en.suami picked from the box lead us to this cafe..and here my review on it..

Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Quite eazy to reached here since we are using waze. Our latest favoruite navigation mobile application.

Hurmm..not to our liking tho. A bit dark and messy. Yup noted that the want to emphasis the rusty and old school concept, but shud u put empty boxes and other junk stuff around the cafe?? my two cent, they shud arrange it in better way. 

Food we ordered;

A pot of shahi tea
Minty tea...terasa seperti minum ubat gigi at the first sip..tapi lame-lame ok jer sebenarnye..

Chips n gravy
French fries with beef mushroom gravy...nnyyyuuummmmm....thumbs up...

Smoked salmon sandwich
Errr..tak sempat nak snap gambar dah kene ngap...lapo woooo...

Banana pancake (menu of the day)
Fulffy pancake serve wif cold ice cream and banana...
Suuuperbbb...a must to have...!!!!

Will i come here again.
Yes if im craving for the Chip n Gravy and also the Banana Pancake.
One of our friend reviewed, the place not really suitable to bring toddler as it quite cramp and with all the rustic things..not toddler friendly cafe.


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