Saturday, October 08, 2011

tea time...!!

the one in the mug was crème brulee sumting~ sumting seedappp..!!

biler x der idea nak update ape..segala gamba makanan akan jadi mangsa. huhuhuhu
yup it was our tea time...he need his coffee once in a sumting sweet after meal.. ^_^

now i remember...
tis happen when we are at alamanda searching for new born gift for his friend. since both still quite full so just have a tea time together. chatting bout tis and that...

hurmm....what topic normally we chat about accept being a loved dovey couple..??

we talk almost bout everything..
from a cat...bout technical and gadjet, till even how to cook a dish...
that wat make both of comfortable with each other. when having a meal, we love to guest the ingredients used. hehehehe it fun...masing-masing nak jadi chef la pulak kan. masak nyer x pernah la pulak hahahaha.

i'm not a girl who will talk bout gucci, coach, long champ or wat so ever designer bag in town. it just not mE. but i do talk bout fashion like 'cantik nyer heels dier...'(sambil buat muncung itik tunjuk kat heels orang).
i don't talk bout 'I'm getting fat...' (sambil buat muke mintak puji...tapi tak berhenti kunyah food -_-')
but i do talk bout wat ideal weight u shud hav..what kind of diet u shud follow and will oso bersungguh-sungguh ingin pergi swim. (tapi talk pergi-pergi pun -_-)
i do talk bout gossip, retis, wat so i'm reading the blog serius hahaha en.pencuri hati kate "percaye sangat ape obefiend tu tulis...sekali dier tipu..." =P huhuhuhu betul jugak kan...

ok lah ntah ape aku merepek dah nih....till then..nanti kite cite-cite lagi eh.. ^_^


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