Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hobi saye bukan tukar kerja.. =|

tarikh mula bekerja : 23rd July 2007

pekerjaan pertama: Satyam Computer services then bertukar kepada Mahindra Satyam
pekerjaan ke-2: Globval Odyssy
pekerjaan ke-3: IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd
pekerjaan ke-4: iCIMB Malaysia Sdn Bhd

my history of employment...

4 companies in four years..hurmm not good, noooot...good *geleng kepala*
i'm gonna add up the 5th company soon.. -_-' am i..?? still considering =D ngeee..

kenape selalu sangat jump company.

agak susah nak jawab soklan tu sebenarnye.

environment . remuneration . stability

environment wise.
perasaan seronok untuk pergi kerja. ade setengah tempat, nak pergi kerja pun malas. boring. bosan. biasenye if this is the case, need to give it some times. try to mingle with everybody. try doing sumthing different. this can be change by at least 6 months insyaAllah there will be improvements. but sumtimes you just can't blend in the environment. feel left out. especially if it involving some issue like racist.

remuneration package.
wat the company offers? better medical coverage. teringat kat xXx..among the best employee medical coverage offered, for iT company. retirement package like banking mostly offer 16% of KWSP from their employer ^_^ banyak kan. staff loan like flat rate for the housing loan, or maybe they'll offer to pay 70% for your house loan interest. as time passes by this kind of package will be needed rite.

job stability. the chances u getting laid off. long as it private sector there gonna be at least 1% of it. so don't think too much on it. let it be..percaya dengan rezeki Allah. work location dekat dengan rumah. workload...x payah bawak kerja balik rumah. things like this will eventually be one of your preference. as for mE, i've experience work which allows mE to work from home. mase bujang it's do sound cool. but to think when you gonna hav family...kalau amik cuti pun still kene is boooooooring... =P

sebenarnye banyak lagi point of consideration either to jump of or not, like expending the knowledge, trying something new and challenge silalah fikir untuk kebaikan jangka masa panjang. last few years maybe most of my decision was based on the remuneration package. yer lah nak hidup kat KL, perlukan duit. gerak sane sini semua duit. tol..minyak..makan..parking..all these things need to be put into calculation for monthly expenses. biler dah agak stabil...kite akan fikir pulak untuk having own house and saving for future. but now i'm more on stability and focus on what i want to do. insyaAllah my my decision this time is firm and precise. =)

ade jugak kawan-kawan yang tanye,
'lompat-lompat kerja nih bukan susah ker nak neik pangkat..?'
Alhamdulillah. start from an entry-level programmer in 4 years i'm now a senior exec. actually pangakt doesn't really matters to me. even if u're a boss tapi kerja macam budak baru grad beik tak payah. biar lah selari kan.

sebenarnye at the same time...i'm thinking of any possible business opportunity so that i can work on my own. be a boss for myself. i can bake cake tapi x lah terrer giler..wat else i can do..hurmm yup i can be a tuition teacher esp for primary school..teaching mathematics and maybe english erk...mampu kah..? or maybe i can be a diving instructor ngeee... =D
but afterall i'm not considering a fulltime housewife. why..?? sebab saye tak mahu hanye duduk rumah waiting for my hubby and watch after the kids. tapi saye tak kate, fulltime housewife itu tidak best. malah kagum dengan mereka yang decide utk jadi fulltime housewife. sebab mereka mampu mengata kan their life is already complete being a mommy and a wifey. tabik spring pada mereka. ^_^

what ever kerja yang korang buat pun, yang penting hati kene ikhlas. insyaAllah rezeki akan dipermudah kan untuk korang. amin..

voice message: opportunity comes and go..we never know which one gonna be the best for our future. life is a big game of gambling. what ever it gonna have faith in yourself and pray to Allah..insyaAllah He'll help you.


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