Monday, September 19, 2011

17.09.2011 alhamdulillah...

it have been 7 months and 2 days we are dating

perasan tak relationship ticker kat atas tu, on the day (17.09.2011) the butterfly was exactly on top of the diamond ring ^__^. our calculation is just perfect. :)

on the date two families had met each other.
two families had agreed with a decision to unite their son and daughter.
everything just simple yet so meaningful to me. As i wanted it to be, no one else, just close and immediate family members.

selesai sudah sesi perkenalan kedua-dua family.
it's not an engagement ceremony, it's more to merisik. but then all had come wif an agreement that the relationship is soon to be declare and i've been booked. yeay..!!

to encik pencuri hati a.k.a saiful hisham,
just wanna tell you that i'm sooooooo happy. insyaallah, semoga jodoh kite berkekalan hingga ke akhir nya. amin.

voice message: merisik or bertunang is just adat. yang penting the family know each other rite and they know that we both are serious and looking forward for the relationship.



  1. congratz! a wife to be..soon. insyaAllah.

  2. congratz. a new chapter of yours just started.

  3. nadhira,
    thank you. yup soon i'll be a wifey =D insyaAllah

    pak lan,
    tenkiu...yup the journey just started.

  4. congratz darling!! after 2 years me also can't wait, nak kawen pliss!!! hahaha. planning to do merisik and booked session only, no bertunang as it'll save lots of money. kalau kawen, sudi2 la jemput hehe. hopefully I'll get to see u in person :)

  5. senorita,
    tenkiu dear.

    yup may be both of us too since the time gap is soo short hahaha (sungguh tidak kesabaran) do come to mine too..u're in the invitation list =)

  6. i was not keen of tunang2 at first, coz a lot have to be spent on it..but since me and pojie in a long-distance thing, we thought might be better for us to have it anyway..hehe juz in case org tak tau that i've been booked:p

  7. hazel,
    yup for you guys long distance good to hav proper engagement. for us since we already set the date and it less than a year so make it 2 in 1 sajer huhuhu ^_^