Wednesday, March 24, 2010

act cool!!

boss tis is the program which i'm working on currently. wasn't it cool boss

sebelum nih mE™ gune template lain for email look so unprofessional kalo boss lalu kat belakang kan.
jadi hari nih tuko layout lain for my gmail acount..look so the geek kan hahaha
macam yo-po jer tengah gune cmd or linux mentang-mentang company jual AIX which is linux base environment waaa why mE™ sound sooo IBMmes ooops tertaip pulak name kampeni baru ^_^

note: the only malay in my team..boss mat saleh..pompuan ader 4 orang (sorang tgh cuti bersalin), 3 Chinese guys, 1 indian guy..mane laki-laki melayu nih??

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