Friday, November 06, 2009

mengomel..seorang uncle &^*^(&*%$!

tetibe rase nak mengomel..(x mo bace? lantak korang lah ader aku kisah?)

firstly nak mengomel pasal one uncle yg mE™ jumpe last Wednesday days on the ERL..
kisahnyer bermula begini..

suatu pagi yang cerah, mE™ kene pergi ke SAS institute atas urusan kerja..
the best way to go there from Putrajaya will be the ERL, i'm really paying for the time, using ERL it would fast, comfort n reliable ^_^

mase tengah tunggu for the ERL to arrive, ader lah sorg uncle berdiri by my side..
uncle nih dok usha jer, mE™ wat donno jer lah..
then mase dlm train, tis uncle still standing by my side..
then he start the conversation
uncle: "is it tis pack in the morning?"
me: "yup, working hours rite"

then the uncle start la tanyer, where am i going, keje wat aper sume lah..
being a girl not tat eazy these days, kang nak ignore jer uncle nih org kate kite x der atas dasar budi bahasa lambang budaya malaysia, mE™ pun layankan jer lah tis uncle..
until one part mE™ tanyer lah uncle nih keje ape, he said he's a chemist and also a deputy dean in UiTM Shah Alam..Deputy dean tau uols..bukan calang2..
the uncle oso critekan lah little bit bout his life, he's 49 and have stayed 13 years in US, cite bout his marriage and so on..he sound soooo gooood -_- he also advise me to further my study as memang tat what i'm thinking for my next year..
tis is the part which make me start to curious..
coz the uncle asked bout my 1st degree pointer which is not tat gud, so he said tat he could help me in order to be a master student in UiTM..macam pelik coz, wasn't it supposed wen u already have working experience, the pointer dah jatuh second priority? i'm not a fresh grad..daaa~~ the uncle siap cakap, don worry bout thesis and all that dier biaser nyer ader simpan a copy of gud student punyer thesis as the uncle ask me to take MBA..oooo sound sooooooo gud isn't it?? ^_- huhu
the uncle ajak for breakfast at the KL Central..ok rezeki di pagi hari jangan di tolak rite.. ^_^..mase minunm we all still continue the conversation, eh lupe nak cite almost trough the entire conversation we're speaking ok..he speak very fluent english FYI..
mase tgh minum i did asked for his card..but he said he's not tat kind to bring his buss card..oooo..okk tat weird then..but well at this point of time mE™ still percaya lah the uncle is a dean in UiTM shah Alam..

then mE™ balik ker opis di Puchong balik..
baru nak relax-relax kan diri setelah penat berjalan, yer lah from KL central back tu Putrajaya n then go to Puchong..a bit tiring tho..

stand by me..stand by me.. ringtone phone daaa~~

best part of all,
name uncle to appear..
dier kate, dier ader pergi pentadbiran just now, and he already talk wif the person tat he want to park my name for next intake of MBA student ^_- cepat kan uncle nih berkerje..
he said dier suke nak tolong..yer lah, susah mau jumpe anak melayu yang mahu belajar..
kire macam tis is my rezeki lah bumped into him then he could help me out..
he suggest to meet up by tonite (bende nih berlaku on wednesday), i need to bring my script..which make mE™ really-really confused..script aperkah?? CV kah?? transcript kah?? ntah lah i really don get, wat is the script thingy..
nak tau kat mane uncle tu ajak jumpe??
kat PULLMAN tau uols..
mE™ was like..oo ok..out of many places inputrajaya why Pullman? memule he just wanna bring me for coffee, but then tuko pulak he want to buy mE™ dinner hahahaha..giler kasanova lah uncle nih..
by tis time mE™ dah suspicious tahap giler gaban dah...
right after he hang up, mE™ terus bukak website UiTM Shah Alam..try my very best to reach for staff directory..
dah lah website UiTM nih pelik skit..sikit punyer susah nak go into facultynyer link..
nasib lah finally mE™ jumpe the whole UiTM phone directory..
search by name..jumpe but not as Deputy Dean, but as Pegawai Kerani Kanan wuuuu~~
time tu cuak lah..wat shud i do????
then try lah jugak cari by the jawatan 'Deputy Dean'..pergh sumpah x der pun name uncle tu..

mE™ pun contact lah some of my friend mintak pendapat and all..
salah sorg my friend nih, kebetulan ader uncle sebagai dekan faculty dentistry UiTM, so we send a message to tis so called deputy dean,
'sorry can't make tonite.still at d office. Anyway you from which faculty? My Uncle works there can't recall ur name'
right after tat, the uncle terus call back...
then dier tanyer lah name my uncle yang kerje kat UiTM so mE™ just bgtau lah the Dentistry Dean name plus mE™ also mention that he's a dean..
uncle tu cakap, "he shud know Prof. Dr. ***"
untuk tutup citer uncle tu cakap; 'just contact me wen you r ready'
daaaa~~ macam lah aku desperate sangat kot....
x per lah pak cik saye kalo x dapat amik master, biar lah saya usaha sendiri..
terima kasih lah di atas niat pak cik untuk menolong...saya dahulukan dengan jutaan terima kasih..make sure u let your name into the system before you offer sumone help..

note: memang susah jadi perempuan nih...x layan kang kate kite rude, bile layan kate gatal pulak..haih~~ kalo lah pak cik tu brniat kurang baik Alhamdulillah Allah masih sayangkan diri ini..kalo pak cik tu memang ikhlas mau tolong, x per lah mungkin x di takdirkan pak cik tu menolong diri ini..ramai lagi anak melayu kat luar sana yang sangat perlu di tolong..

Wallahualam..hanya tuhan yang tahu..


  1. OMG...hv 2 put extra careful after this babe..huhu

    p/s: that pakcik mmg hampeh laaa

  2. yup..everybody hv to put extra careful jangan cepat percayakan org..
    tu lah kan bukan senang mau jadi perempuan nih..

    p/s: seram jer idup kot2 lah terserempak lagi ngan pak cik tu..