Tuesday, November 03, 2009

i'm just proud to be AINO ^T_T^

ever since i was in primary school i don't really like my name..
people used to tease my name as 'I KNOW'
yup..i'm kinda small at tat time, when people teasing i wouldn't feel gud bout it..
why would I isn't it?

when going to some camping trip or watsoever called motivation camp which will not involve any of my schoolmates, I tend to change my name, ask people to call me Ain or norul instead of AINO..hahaha what a pathetic little girl i was back then rite...

but now, NOT anymore..i just so proud to be Aino ^_____^
in Finnish county it's means The only One
(aperkah finnish country itu, usah lah ditanyer)..it's a name in one of the country epic..a tragic one tho..huuu hope my life won't be a tragic one.. scary T_T...

why i'm so proud to be AINO

dunno wat shud i call this product..
it's an Interior Designer company specialize in kitchen and also wardrobe called AINO Kitchen.
I even berangan to have a house which gonna use the design from tis company..
(alah berangan bukan kene bayar pun.. T_T kalo dapat lagi best kan..)
eventho I'm not a kitchen type person but i do want a nice kitchen like the AINO kitchen design..hope one day I might have it..the AINO Kitchen of AINO..

some design by AINO Kitchen..

the latest one which really shocking me..
latest mobile phone by Sony Ericsson also named AINO..
it's not that super duper hi-tech phone..but still it's AINO by Sony Ericsson teeheee~~

huuuu well it's only two things and my name not really spelled as Aino but it is spelled as Ainoor..who cares they still pronounce it as Aino =P and i'm proud of it =D
any of u guys have such proud like me, as a plain person la, coz i'm no artis called siti Nurhaliza or dayang Nurfaizah or watsoever who obviously will have a product named exactly by their original name..i'm writing as a girl who has nothing to do wif the media..daaa~~

spelling which i normally used for my name..
ai know
eye-no @ eye know

nyway thanks mummy n daddy for the name..

note: my friend said tat pn.emak telah mengamal kan dasar pandang ke jepon sebab tu kuar name Aino nih..huhuhu..nak kate mE™ perasan? katelah
bukan kene bayar pun
qoute by mak cu mummy Umar =P

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