Sunday, October 21, 2012

way of organizing u'r stuff.. ;-)

siapa yang tak tahu IKEA kan..
shopping store which basically selling household item..from organizing to decorating just name it..

just wanna share with you on my recent find out from IKEA, KUPOL the pull-out storage.
it have been ages for me to think on how to organize all the items on the dressing tables. we have toner, make-up remover, lotion, sunblock, minyak urut..yadda..yadda..those yang pakai hari-hari ok jer lah nak letak atas dressing table..tapi those yang once a while pakai but still kene letak atas meja dan menjadi agent pengumpul habuk yang terbaik. -_-' memang serabuts lah..nak letak tempat lain, nanti nak carik balik..leceh pulak..sigh..

so here KUPOL had help mE to organize my dressing table. yeay..!!
it's a plastic drawer come in 4 different sizes/models and of course white in colour er..more to transparent white. kalau ikut ikea online catalogue, KUPOL nih dijual in a few set but actually in store it was sold secara loose. so terpulang lah nak beli berapa banyak and wat size/model as you wish.

KUPOL in 4 different models

as you can see from the above picture, ade 4 sizes/models which will be perfect for your need and you can stack it over the another KUPOL yang berlainan size. tapi..yup ade suggested by IKEA, please do not exceed the height of 48cm (tapi kalau ikut manual 55cm). gambar kat atas nih kire maximum height. nampak jer kecik tapi for me memang dah mencukupi. do you want to know the dimension..??

dimension of KUPOL
and kat bawah nih how KUPOL had help mE to solve my messy dressing table.

above picture of how i use KUPOL model 1 and 3 and see how i've dump in all sort of make up remover, those sample facial, sun blocks.. on the bottom drawer hehehe..thinking to buy more of the model 1 to store my make-up and also cotton pads..for me this KUPOL design is just wat i want to store my stuff in a neat way (walaupun ku hanya lambak kan saje di dalam nyer). by the way abaikan container yang atas sekali. that is how i store my brooches and that container is from Daiso. That one also bagus bile nak pergi mana-mana mE just snap close the container and campak dalam beg baju so i'll have all my brooches where ever i go.

sebelum terlupa, KUPOL nih pun boleh di attached ke dinding tau. but on how practical it is to be attached to the wall i'm not sure. and further more you also can put wheeler at the bottom of KUPOL instead of the given rubber stand. rubber stand nih fungsi dier untuk elak kan KUPOL bergerak-gerak bile letak atas meja or any surface.
provided with the rubber stand and lock

mounted to the wall
(screw for fixing to the wall is not provided)
so what else shud i tell you..haa yup the price. since i only bought model 1, 2 and below is the price list;
model 1 = rm 25.90 (sold in pack of 2)
model 2 = rm 25.90
model 3 = rm 29.90

well..that it..i'm still over excited with this KUPOL. That a normal mE. suke nak excited over the simple thing hehehe. so if you find the KUPOL might be useful for you, pergi lah sendiri ke IKEA yer..

note: en.suami do prepare for next IKEA visit keyh. don't worry i'll list down what i need..but the problem is i don't know where they put the item in the store. so we might need to wander around..and around..what ever it gonna be please remain calm and smileee.. ^_^


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