Saturday, February 13, 2010

2nd chance~~

hav gave anyone a second chance??
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mE™ is a type who is hardly wanna give other a second chance..hardly to give my trust to other once it was been broken..however i'm a forgiven one =D

in friendship and relationship almost in both mE™ hardly gave anyone the second chance..however it would be easy to forgive.
bukan lah mE™ nih keras hati sangat..tapi sebab insecure..thing gonna happen again and again and again..
sekali terkene lesson learn, dua kali terkene it stupid ok but kalo 3  kali aku consider as the brain is total damage..LOL
once mE™ pernah jer terkene degan one of my best buddy during my secondary years, lepas that incident mE™ macam baling batu (peribahasa org s'wak) jugak lah dengan kawan itu..tapi as time goes by thing getting forgoten and forgiven..mE™ masih boleh senyum biler jumpe tat person, tapi untuk rapat balik macam dulu it a BIG NO! ukup lah sekali tat person make my life miserable.
same goes in my relationship..cinta giler itu adalah pada permulaan tapi when thing got dirty wen u start saying words tat shud't be said, it hurt..hurt a lot..but mE™ jenis yang boleh be friend wif all the exes no problem at all..but to accept them back as my lover it hard and not easy to mE™. mE™ might look kindda bubbly, happy go luck n friendly, but i'm a person who kept my feeling to myself. once i'm being hurt it gonna take ages to forget.

and an ex a second chance. never in my life doing such thing. it make mE™ started to think, is it the wise thing to do? am I gonna regret it sooner or later? is he gonna change like forever? will he be the same old person tat i know before? only HIM know the answer. well doubts is kinda always want to follow mE™ where ever i go sigh~~

note: my aunty once told mE™ that my love isn't that am I supposed to make it deep if there are always question everywhere..orang kate cinta itu buta dan membutakan..but for me love is so divine.  creating a serene atmosphere around those who ere in love. there are no such thing love make one suffer.  

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