Sunday, January 13, 2008

. : L.O.V.E vs L.I.K.E : .

Never leave the one you [LOVE]
for the one you (LIKE)
because the one you LIKE
will leave youfor the one they LOVE

the one you LIKE will give yougoosebumps
the one you LOVE will make you laughand
send shivers down your spine

When the one you LIKE cries
you feelsorry for them
but when the one you LOVE cries
you cry for them

True Love Doesnt Have A Happy Ending
BECAUSE True LOVE Never Ends

tonight your true LOVE will realize how much they love you
between 1 & 4 in the morning
tomorrow the shock of your life will occur
if you break the chain then you will have bad luck... =P

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  1. heh, y ur blog's add bout the same ngn mine eh? hehehe.... atie mau ltak link blog anda di blog saye.. trimekaseh