Tuesday, November 27, 2007

. : tHe rAinBow..i'M wAiting fOr y0u =P : .

"Kadand-kadang tuhan sembunyikan matahari. didatangkan petir dn kilat..kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya mana hilangnye matahari.. rupa-rupanya Tuhan hendak memberi kita pelangi"

well these words make me stronger.. , hope one day the rainbow will show up n brighten up my life back...rite now i'm enjoying the pouring rain..playing in the rain..it's do heals the hurts eventough i know tat i might catch cold..then i hope, there will be a rainbow..showed up n make me smile again altough i'm having bad flu n cold...to all my friendzz..thank guys for u'r cares n concern..without u all i won't be able to smile back like i'm now..luv u all so much.. =) ~~

DW team..exclude fawas.. =P

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